Our visit to Vodafone Business Experience Center (BEC)

Last week, we had the opportunity to visit Vodafone’s Headquarters in Madrid, within the program Vodafone Connecting for Good Galicia.

During the visit, we got highly inspired by the Business Experience Center (BEC). A centre of excellence and technology innovation where Vodafone explores the possibilities of the latest technologies on telecommunications, multimedia or IoT and their applications to business solutions.

BEC works as an ecosystem innovation hub that brings together the perspectives of Vodafone, its technology partners and business clients to develop comprehensive solutions to their digital challenges

The very first step in Vodafone’s innovation process is active trend scouting, working in close collaboration with knowledge and technology partners such as the MIT. You can have a look at Vodafone’s Observatorio de empresas, an online observatory where you can get a quick overview of the latest trends regarding digital transformation for business.

Aligning internal and external innovation efforts

Walking their talk, Vodafone is also a clear example of digital transformation at the workplace. The company has developed a seamless and collaborative work environment with flexible working times, together with a project oriented culture that ensures agility and efficiency. All of this within a connected building where mobile has become the main communication tool between the company and its 3000 employees, through an internal App that puts together all employee services on a single platform.

Taking Vodafone’s example, business need to develop a twofold Innovation Strategy to reap the benefits of their innovation efforts: innovate with their ecosystem outside the business borders while transforming their working culture inside. Only by aligning our internal and external innovation strategies we can successfully achieve our business growth goals.

Thank you to Vodafone and Fundación Vodafone for their warm welcome and inspiring visit!